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The #EthnicityPayGap Campaign was founded 3 years ago. It’s main aim and purpose is to raise awareness of the issues relating to the Ethnicity Pay Gap and also encourage the government to make  Ethnicity Pay Gap report mandatory. 

The #EthnicityPayGap Campaign is a beacon to those who wish to make a positive change.

#EthnicityPayGapChallenge 2022

Dianne Greyson Founder of #EthnicityPayGap Campaign

Research Report: Impact of the Ethnicity Pay Gap on Black Women in the UK

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Be a part of the #EthnicityPayGap family.  Learn more about how you can give your support to this very important cause 

jacqueline and daughter

It is clear there are some people who believe that Black, Asian and other ethnic minorities should not be paid fairly. Is it that they think that we are inferior and deserve less pay than them????????
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"The extent of the #EthnicityPayGap is staggering and stands at an estimated £3.2 billion a year."
Read the @EthnicityPayGa1 campaign report here:


The hearing on Christopher Kapessa's case is happening tomorrow. We will be holding a silent vigil outside the royal courts of justice in London. Please attend if you can.

Please share Christopher's story and RT so we can get justice for him tomorrow.

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