Welcome to our first-ever quarterly Newsletter.  We will be bringing you information on all our activities, sharing stories and hearing from contributors who are passionate about dealing with the Ethnicity Pay Gap as much as we are.

Thank you to everyone who engaged with the Campaign billboard advertisements. It was wonderful to see some of the pictures you shared. We hope to share them on our social media platforms.  To continue to raise awareness we will be announcing a free webinar shortly.  The webinar will help to provide more knowledge and understanding of the Ethnicity Pay Gap. More details will be shared through our social media. 

As we approach selecting a new incoming Government,  I have seen that quite a few parties have put the Ethnicity Pay Gap in their manifesto.  We hope to see the Party who is elected, take forward all that they promise. We would also like to see  organisations held accountable to create an action plan or have a narrative that will ensure the Ethnicity Pay Gap is closed in their organisations. 

We have the power to influence change, let’s make sure we do all we can to make Ethnicity Pay Gap reporting mandatory and ensure there is action to close the gap.  To guarantee accountability, we must call for an independent advisory body to hold the Government and Business to account.  We cannot have inaction  or poor response to the legal requirements left unchallenged . 

Dianne Greyson, Founder #EthnicityPayGap Campaign

Barrister Ryan Clement meets Dianne Greyson 

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